LVT Flooring

LVT is fast becoming the go to flooring option in residential and commercial spaces, since it is more durable than real wood. Luxury vinyl tiles are manufactured from compressed plastic, so they are ideal for moisture prone spaces such as bathrooms. Many homeowners are also opting for luxury vinyl tiles since they are warmer and quieter underfoot than regular floor coverings.

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Advantages Of Luxury Vinyl Tile Floors

Just a few advantages of installing luxury vinyl tiles include:

LVT combines the durability, appearance and quality of natural materials, though they are simpler to fit, and look after.

Reasons To Choose Us For LVT Floors

Our LVT flooring is manufactured from long-lasting vinyl that is made to a higher standard and quality. This means that our solutions are not only aesthetically pleasing, but incredibly durable with excellent sound insulation, moisture resistance and much more.

Luxury vinyl tiles have more texture than regular vinyl, so you can enjoy the appearance of natural materials without breaking the bank! You will be able to see grooves, knots and grains, that closely imitate real stone or wood. If you are uncertain on what particular type of LVT floor to choose, one of our experts will be happy to provide you with suggestions.

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